Open Door offers services that can be executed in office, as well as in a one on one ratio teaching environment in the community.  

Social Skills Groups are implemented based on client sign ups and age matching, language level matching and overall functioning level similarities.  We do not want to mix functioning levels of clients in any group setting, as we want our clients to get the most appropriate modeling.


Job Coaching (one on one)- Open Door matches our work-aged clients (ages 16+) with an appropriate professional environment to get experience in the workforce. A job coach accompanies the client to the work place for a minimum of 2 hours a week, to practice staying on task, interacting professionally, independent problem solving, workplace assimilation and gaining experience doing meaningful work that they can add to their resume.

Social Skills Training (one on one) or Group-  Open Door provides social and language skills training in office by way of numerous methods.  These training sessions will include but not be limited to: Role Play Scenarios (work and social life), understanding social cues, maintaining relationships with peers, reciprocal conversation training, approaching new scenarios socially, broadening fixations, developing new interests with peers,  etc.

Interview Preparation Skills and Job Search (one on one)- Training in every aspect of applying and interviewing for a job, searching job postings, creating profile, cover letter practice, role play mock interviews, appropriately dressing and grooming for an interview, what to expect in an interview, etc

Executive Functioning Skills/Life Skills- (one on one coaching)- This will include a “home plan and contract with parents and client.”  This will also include a reinforcement plan for client. This will also be paired with IN HOME visits by life coach and CBI work from life coaches. Examples might include; using an alarm clock, screen time management, appropriate bed time management, grooming, room cleaning and organizing, home chores management, laundry skills, setting up a medicine schedule, making appointments, telephone skills, washing dishes, cooking meals, grocery shopping, and maintaining an overall functioning schedule.

Money Skills/Budgeting/Money Management- (one on one) – This could also be paired with a home plan, based on need. Coaching might include: opening a bank account, how to begin a credit history, how to write a check, how to pay rent, how to make a bank deposit, withdrawals, using a bank card, setting up all aspects of banking and operating a budget. This can be customized to earlier implementations for clients as well: Counting money, making change, transaction of spending practice around businesses near the Open Door office-This will be socially beneficial as well and include CBI.

Approaching Living Independently- (one on one)- This includes a CBI aspect in the community. Coaching includes: finding an apartment, how to approach a rental agreement, signing a lease, keeping appointments with agents, searching online resources for best apartment scenario, visiting possible apartment leads, finding a roommate, touring apartment complex, etc.

Remote Communication Skills/Entry Level Computer Skills- (one on one)-  Open Door will provides training in these aspects: setting up clients with a personal email, sending and responding to emails (work and socially), using social media appropriately (do’s and don’ts), using Microsoft Excel, Using Microsoft word, Using MS Powerpoint (MS OFFICE), typing skills, and general PC usage.

Home Training- Open Door offers one on one home training sessions to focus on daily living and independence in every-day activities. Some of these services include, but are not limited to: organization and cleaning methods, teaching laundry skills, cooking and meal prep skills, and other independence skills in the home.