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These local businesses and non-profits have opened their doors to all kinds of minds. To find out how you can become an inclusive Open Door Environment, contact us.


Testimonials from Our Partners


"Working with Open Door has been a wonderful experience for us. Our office aide has learned quickly while working within our environment and has been incredibly helpful. His assistance has freed me up from some of our routine tasks, which in turn, allows me to be more productive. He's always polite, professional, and everyone enjoys having him as part of our team. I would highly recommend this program to anyone."

Michelle Huguley
Personnel Specialist Grub South


Open Door provides our office with two important things. First, our office aide immediately frees up employees from routine tasks, giving them time to concentrate on sales and marketing. Second, our office aide brings an unmatched energy to the office. The whole staff gets a boost when our aide is around and seeing his hard work is nothing short of inspiring. Having people in the office that want to be there is very crucial for any business’s success. I have nothing but good things to say about the program and would recommend to any business.

 Justin Strickland

Vice President of Operations huntsville havoc hockey


“Companies are learning that they cannot survive or thrive without a diverse workforce. But diversity means more than ethnic background, sexual orientation or race…diversity of ability is every bit as critical to the success of a business. Open Door and its clients have proven to us that when everyone has a place at the employment table, every one of us benefits. Open Door’s clients give my staff the chance to mentor, encourage and celebrate their achievements…something we don’t do enough in a business setting. "

Debra Jenkins

Merrimack Hall Performing arts Center

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Keel Point and Open Door have partnered to provide an inclusive work environment for young adults in our community with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Open Door works to increase independence, workplace assimilation, social growth and employability for North Alabama’s autism population through one-on-one coaching in live environments, supporting local businesses and non-profit organizations.

On many occasions, Keel Point has enjoyed having Open Door work with us and it has been an enriching and rewarding experience, and we look forward to continuing our partnership.

Open Door clients contribute and learn valuable life skills necessary to join the workforce with confidence and achieve greater independence.

David L. Little

Wealth Advisor keel Point

free 2 teach.jpg

Open Door has provided several individuals who have come to our store/warehouse to try out different skill sets. These skills vary depending on what our most immediate needs are for that day. They include stocking the store and merchandising , sorting inventory, packaging supplies, helping with recycling, and warehouse maintenance. We have found their help to be invaluable! David is a wonderful coach and mentor. He works along side of his clients, to ensure they are executing and completing their assigned tasks correctly and on time. We look forward to having another client in the future.

Eula Battle
Executive Director
Free 2 Teach