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Our Mission

Open Door provides the tools for independence for individuals on the autism spectrum using one-on-one job coaching, community based instruction, and naturalistic training methods. By increasing our clients employability, social capacity and self confidence, we believe the focus on these critical skills will open the door to their future.


“A door opened and I went through it.”

—dr. Temple Grandin


We believe the world needs all kinds of minds.  We open doors for our clients—doors that open into a wider world and lead to greater independence, self-worth, and self-confidence. Let’s focus on ability rather than disability, strengths rather than deficits. Open Door maintains that higher expectations yield greater results, regardless of a diagnosis.  We believe inclusivity benefits not only our clients, but the community as a whole.

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Our Story

Open door was established to support increased independence, workplace assimilation, social growth and employability for North Alabama’s autism population. Our goal is to provide support for those on the autism spectrum as they seek to gain independence, while enriching and diversifying our communities. Open Door uses one-on-one coaching in live environments to support local businesses and non-profits. This enables our clients to contribute and learn the life skills necessary to join the workforce and achieve greater independence. Through job coaching, life coaching and community partnerships, we mentor our clients and help them grow their social skills as well as their confidence.


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Partner with us


Open Your Door

Your Business or Non-Profit can use our help. Our clients perform a variety of services at no cost to you. We pay our clients internally for their work in exchange for the opportunity to contribute to the community while learning social and work skills in a neurotypical modeling environment. We call this a naturalistic approach and it is extremely effective in supporting our clients as they work toward greater personal independence.

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Open a Door

Join our team and become a coach. We are currently expanding our services and would love to hear from you if you have a background in therapy services or are training in support for differently abled individuals and understand the importance of “different, not less.”