“Open Door has worked with our son for many years and we have come to trust and value their many, many contributions to our son's welfare and progress. Open Door has provided strategic guidance as well as hands-on therapeutic interaction and it is difficult to imagine how our family would have managed without them.”

—Roger Schneider


“…the client is now earning his own wages, living in his own apartment, interacting with people in his community, and learning new social skills everyday. Through teaching life skills and pro-social behaviors, Open Door is empowering these individuals to see beyond their diagnosis and accomplish goals that they were told they would never achieve.”

—Lindsay N. Chapman, BCBA Owner, Madison Behavior therapy

“I continue to be impressed with Open Door's way of working with my son and others like him. They seem to know exactly what works with each individual, and in every unique situation. Open Door’s results are nothing less than miraculous. I highly recommend Open Door.”

—Jacque Reeves


“Not only is Open Door teaching Jackson skills he uses for this position, but they are enabling Jackson to grow as a responsible adult. The techniques they utilize with Jackson are being shared with us, and we have successfully implemented them in Jackson's everyday activities at home.

We would recommend Open Door to any family with a child on the autism spectrum looking to expand their child's abilities and provide a safe, accepting working/learning environment.”

—John and April Whitley

“As a result of work with Open Door, our son’s social skills have blossomed.  When we began, Trevor was anxious to walk into a room by himself, and now he asks to go in alone so that he can greet everyone.  He has learned to problem-solve or ask for help when needed.

He has learned job skills in wonderfully inclusive environments.  These employment skills have proven to be transferable and will lead to Trevor reaching his number one goal in life – independence.  Not too long ago, Trevor began working his first independent job. I cannot describe the joy we felt or the pride he took in himself for this accomplishment.  

We feel so blessed to have Open Door in our community.”

Tony and Cathy Alsup


“Thankfully Open Door and the businesses that partner with Open Door have allowed my son opportunities that he may not have received elsewhere. My goal is for my son to become an independent, happy, and successful adult. Working with Open Door gives my son the necessary instruction and environment in which I believe he will succeed. I like the way that Open Door partners with different types of local businesses in order to find a good fit for or a variety of experiences for clients. My son is currently placed in the government contracting sector. A few years ago I did not think that this type of job placement would be possible for him, but because of Open Door and businesses that will accept employees with learning differences I have hope that my son will one day be able to successfully hold a job and become an independent adult.”

Ambre Brown

Open Door has been key in Bill’s progression toward independence. After he earned his degree from college, we were at a loss as to where to go next. Although he received an education in accounting, he did not have the skills to look for and to hold a job in his field, nor did we know of an employer who would understand and appreciate the differences of someone with autism.

Thankfully we found Open door! They worked with Bill on how to search for a job, helped him develop interviews skills, and then coached him in an actual work environment. Open Door connected Bill with Banner Defense and he is gaining valuable, real-life work skills and confidence. This will hopefully lead to the opportunity for a full-time job and help him reach his goal to live independently soon. We are blessed to have Open Door in the community to give those with autism the opportunity to thrive!

Cindy McCrary